Started Lines & Splines, a typographic diary, which became instantly known amongst the online type community. In 2002, he replaced it with New Series, offered more rigourous, extended articles on type design and typography. Both websites are offline by now.

Articles 4

Andy Crewdson discusses the origins of the Dutch designer’s recent family of types.
Typeface stories · 24 February 2005 · English · 1573 words
A brief look at Peter Bilak’s ‘synthetic’ approach to type design which examines both his earlier Eureka and more recent Fedra families.
Typeface stories · 1 December 2004 · English · 838 words
The background of the design of Majoor’s font Seria.
Typeface stories · 29 November 2004 · English · 1104 words
Lars Müller is taken to task for his religious reverence for and faith in the omnipresent Helvetica, and the book he produced which is described as a sort of universalist, modernist gospel but several decades misplaced. What one might come away with from the book and review is the possibility that type preferences are simply individualistic... so what does it matter anyway?
Reviews · 29 November 2004 · English · 2322 words