Jürg Lehni, born 1978, Lucerne, lives and works in London and Switzerland. He studied at ETH Zurich (1998 ~ 1999), HyperWerk, Basel (1999 – 2001), ECAL, Lausanne (2001 – 2004). Working collaboratively across disciplines, his work often deals with the nuances between technology, tools and the human condition. His interests have lead to projects in various fields, a partnership with the Swiss type foundry Lineto.com, a research residency at Sony's SET Laboratory, Tokyo (2006), and a series of exhibitions, including: A Recent History of Writing and Drawing, ICA, London (2008); Things to Say, Kunsthalle St. Gallen, Switzerland (2009), Things in the Air, Bell Park, Kriens, Switzerland (2009), Empty Words, Swiss Institute, New York (2009). He has lectured and conducted workshops at Yale School of Art and Design, The Rietveld Academy, Amsterdam; ECAL Lausanne, Switzerland; HGKZ Zurich, Switzerland and The Royal College of Art, London.

Articles 5

Designer and programmer Jürg Lehni analyses the evolution of typographic technology and the nature of digital fonts, and introduces Donald E. Knuth’s groundbreaking TeX and Metafont systems. An essay complemented by interviews with Peter Biľak, Erik Spiekermann and Dimitri Bruni (NORM).
Essays · 14 April 2011 · English · 4373 words
Jürg Lehni and Peter Biľak in a conversation about the role of technology in type design, font formats and production tools, and Donald E. Knuth’s Metafont.
Interviews · 14 April 2011 · English · 1544 words
Jürg Lehni interviews Erik Spiekermann about the legal definition of typefaces, web font distribution models and parametric fonts.
Interviews · 14 April 2011 · English · 1322 words
Dimitri Bruni of NORM talks to Jürg Lehni about designing with systematic procedures and limitations, the influence of tools and their projects Replica and Sign Generator.
Interviews · 14 April 2011 · English · 1691 words
A glossary of tools and technologies mentioned in Typeface As Programme.
Essays · 14 April 2011 · English · 1084 words