Just van Rossum is a Dutch type designer and programmer, and together with Erik van Blokland he co-founded LettError, a virtual type foundry. Most of his typefaces are published with FontFont library. He is the developer of the RoboFog (with Petr & Erik van Blokland), precursor of RoboFont font editor, of TTX/FontTools library which is a crucial part of most font editors, and the author of the original version of the DrawBot application for teaching Python scripting in a visual way. Van Rossum studied at the KABK (Royal Academy of Arts) in The Hague, where he is teaching now.

Posters 1

The ultimate Slab Serif capital H, with the number of serifs is ever expanding. Each H grows four serifs. Each serif becomes an H by growing additional serifs on the serifs. And so on.