Mark Thomson

Designer, art director, writer. Art Director of Taschen 1993–97; Director of International Design UK/Principal of Mark Thomson Design 1998–present; Art Director of Collins 2003–2008. Winner of D&AD Silver Award 1997 for most outstanding complete book; Gourmand World Cookbook of the Year 2004, Best of the Best 2008; British Book Design and Production Awards in 2002, 2003, 2007. Member of editorial board of Eye magazine. Mark lives in London.
Peter Biľak speaks with Mark Thomson about his beginnings, running a type foundry, magazines, print media in general, modern dance and typography. This interview appeared in Eye magazine No.75, Spring 2010 in the Reputations series.
Interviews · 27 September 2010 · English · 3447 words
L'Art Director di Collins descrive il procedimento seguito per il progetto di una nuova serie di dizionari, dal punto di vista storico, del layout e della scelta dei caratteri. Data la scala alla quale il contenuto del dizionario viene espresso, e il modo particolare in cui viene letto, le decisioni microtipografiche hanno un effetto amplificato.
Essays · 18 July 2006 · Italian · 3700 words
The art director of Collins describes the process of designing the new set of dictionaries, their history, layout and choice of type. Due to the scale at which a dictionary’s content is expressed and the particular way in which the content is read, microtypographic decisions have an unusually large effect.
Essays · 28 April 2005 · English · 4514 words