Born in Austria. After having worked at M&Co. in New York and at the Hong Kong office of the advertising agency Leo Burnett, he formed the New York–based Sagmeister Inc. in 1993. He has designed graphics and packaging for mainly cultural clients. In 2001, Booth-Clibborn published a book on Stefan Sagmeister’s work Sagmeister: Made you Look. He is now involved with the nonprofit group Business Leaders for Sensible Priorities with the single goal to cut 15 percent of the Pentagon budget and redirect it to health care and education.

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A Korean translation of Stefan Sagmeister’s lecture about the state of contemporary design, ethics, advertising and aesthetics.
Essays · 15 September 2006 · Korean · 514 words
Stefan Sagmeister talks about the state of current design, ethics, advertising and aesthetics.
Essays · 29 November 2004 · English · 2298 words