Supernova is a new family that combines the spontaneity of a script typeface with the versatility of multiple weights and cuts.

The development of script typefaces has largely been limited to variations in shape and proportion (and with the advent of OpenType technology, the addition of alternate letterforms). Their application has continued to be primarily linked to their emotional attributes, while roman types predominate in body texts.

Supernova takes a step in a different direction and was conceived as a script typeface family comprised of several weights and cuts, including a versatile, eye-catching display version and a highly legible body-text version with five weights.

The Poster version features expressive, flamboyant shapes, exploring variations in contrast, weight and style. Text version, on the other hand includes more subtle letterforms that could work smoothly within the text flow. Intended for display purposes, Supernova Poster is an extroverted cut. Unlike the text version it contains many alternates per character, two styles of alternate capitals and an expressive ductus.