In 2009 the École Cantonal d’Art de Lausanne (ÉCAL) published Typeface As Program, a book which originated in the efforts of its graphic design programme to teach type design as a separate discipline. The book summarises a series of workshops, including workshops on the technical processes of type creation, and includes a comprehensive essay by Jürg Lehni on the nature of digital type design and font software. The print run was limited, and as is generally the case with books published (and subsidised) for specific occasions, Typeface As Program has long been sold out and will not be reprinted.

Typeface As Program

Since it would be a shame to let this valuable resource disappear, we are very pleased that ÉCAL and Jürg Lehni, the author of the essays and interviews, have agreed to let us republish the texts online. Typotheque’s Gustavo Ferreira worked closely with Lehni to revise, update, and proofread this new online edition, which includes now new original illustrations not available in the book. The online edition contains:

Special thanks to Tim Ahrens of JAF and Peter Rosenfeld of URW for allowing us to reproduce their visual material, Jürg Lehni for extensive work on the online version of the text, Roland Früh for helpful advice with the original text, and François Rappo of ÉCAL for permitting the republication.