We at Typotheque have not only been developing our typefaces, but also tools to present them online. Some of them are products of years of development, and occasionally we received questions if they are publicly available. We developed documented Application Programming Interface (API), and offer now our tools for licensing via our new website type-applications.com.

First tool that we offer for licensing is the OpenType Font Tester. The tester renders both GPOS and GSUB tables, making this suitable for multilingual fonts, or fonts with advanced OpenType substitutions.

Fonts are hosted on a network of secure servers making the service extra fast and reliable, but the interface is fully integrated to client's website. Because browsers have limits on how many simultaneous requests they can make to individual servers, hosting fonts on third-party servers will utilise more connections, loading files much faster than if they were hosted on the same server. Client has full control over the appearance of the tester and which OpenType features are offered for testing.

Get in touch if you have questions about the tools, or you are interested in giving it a try.

Type Applications dot com