Author Fred Smeijers
Language English
Pages 200
Size 22 × 14,5 cm
Publisher Hyphen Press
ISBN 978-0907259-42-8
Binding sewn paperback with flaps
Availability sold out

New, corrected and revised edition of Counterpunch is set in Haultin, a new typeface designed by Fred Smeijers.

Counterpunch is both an explanation of the sixteenth-century method of cutting metal type and an impassioned plea for contemporary designers to incorporate the lessons of history as a means of creating typography in our digital age. This book is a work of practical history, with much contemporary relevance, answering basic questions such, How to evaluate type or How type differs from writing.Smeijers sees the counterpunch technique as essential for ensuring the regularity of form, repeatability, and speed of production necessary for rational design. He traces the history of letterform design to discover how technique influenced the shape of type, whether the metal punches of the past or today’s computer-generated forms. Counterpunch is generously illustrated with drawings by the author, examples of early type specimens, and detailed photographs of punches.