Dot Dot Dot 17

by Stuart Bailey

Issue 17 of the Dot Dot Dot magazine, based on the event at the Embankment Galleries, London. Dot Dot Dot covers design in the widest possible sense. Steering clear of both commercial portfolio presentations and impenetrable academic theory, it offers intelligent, passionate, and clever writing on the tangled web of influences that determine the shape of contemporary cultural production. Art, music,language, film, literature you never know what you might discover on its offbeat pages. With contributions by Richard Hollis, James Goggin, Mike Sperlinger, Dan Fox, Jennifer Higgie, Johnny Vivash, Dexter Sinister, Janice Kerbel, and Radim Peško.
  • Author
    Stuart Bailey
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    24 × 17 cm
  • Publisher
    Dot Dot Dot
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