Dot Dot Dot 18

by Stuart Bailey

Bi-annual independent art/design publication which began life as a graphic design magazine, but whose content has gradually widened to cover art, music, language, film and literature. With contributions by Domenick Ammarati, Dave Hullfish Bailey, Michaelangelo Pistoletto, Clementine Deliss, Jan Åke Granath, Liam Gillick, Christopher Wilson, Randall McLeod, Mark Owens, Angie Keefer, Jay Baldwin, Louis Lüthi, Rashad Becker, Anthony Huberman, David Foster Wallace, Radim Peško, Richard Grusin, David Senior, Karel Martens, and Will Holder.
  • Author
    Stuart Bailey
  • Language
  • Size
    24 × 17 cm
  • Publisher
    Dot Dot Dot
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