Dot Dot Dot 19

by Stuart Bailey

After eighteen issues, Dot Dot Dot remains the must-read journal on every designer's desk. By steering clear of both commercial portfolio presentations and impenetrable academic theory, it has become the premier venue for creative journalism on diverse subjects, such as music, art, literature, and architecture, that affect the way we think about and make design. Dot Dot Dot 19 presents the latest fieldwork of a multidisciplinary group of contributors investigating the web of influences shaping contemporary culture.

With contributions by Richard Rodriguez, Francis McKee, Anthony Huberman, Nick Paumgarten, Graham Meyer, Steve Rushton, Frances Stark, E.C. Large, Ryan Holmberg, Rob Giampietro, Joe Scanlan, Albert Sukoff, Dan Fox, Jan Verwoert, Seth Price, Angie Keefer, Paul Elliman, Rob Giampietro, Tom McCarthy, Walead Beshty, Snowden Snowden, Graham Meyer, Dan Fox, and Angie Keefer.

  • Author
    Stuart Bailey
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    24 × 17 cm
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    Dot Dot Dot
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