Author Jan Middendorp
Language English
Pages 320
Size 27,5 × 22 cm
Publisher NAI 010
ISBN 90-6450-460-1
Binding hard-cover
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After eight years of research, Jan Middendorp, the author of Dutch Type, presents a comprehensive overview of type design in the Netherlands, tracing back its origins to the work of punchcutters, type designers and lettering artists from the fifteenth century until today. The book provides insights into the motives and methods of the current type design community, showing published and unpublished typefaces as well as sketches, studies and samples of unknown lettering work. While the books covers hundreds of years of Dutch type design, it focuses on the development of the last few decades, and provides a rigorous information about the trends and its representatives. There is probably no other country that boasts a type design culture as dense as the Netherlands. Considering the small geographical size of the country the contribution of the Dutch to the development of type and typography has been phenomenal. Original edition from 2004.

Since its emergence less than fifteen years ago the digital type scene in the Netherlands has become even more complex and more varied, but the relentless quest for quality and innovation has remained constant.

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A long-awaited reprint of the 2004 book ‘Dutch Type’, a comprehensive overview of type design and lettering in the Netherlands from the 15th to the 20th centuries
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Theory of Type Design consists of 24 short chapters describing different aspects of type design, from the influence of language to today’s digital developments, from how our eyes and brain process letterforms to their power of expression.