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Author Christopher Burke
Language English
Pages 336
Size 27 × 20.5 cm
Publisher De Buitenkant
ISBN 978 9083052 10 6
Availability 18
Long awaited, richly illustrated book on the body of work of the Dutch type designer Gerard Unger, presenting a case study in the development of modern type design, unfolding alongside the rapid technological changes that have transformed typesetting and publishing during the last fifty years. Unger pioneered digital type design, and over the time Unger developed interest in space-saving newspaper typefaces and created his distinctive style, marked by tensive curves and dynamic rhythm. He was inspired by typefaces of the past but was not a traditionalist, declaring himself only capable of renewing historical models and not of reviving them. The book is designed by his former student Hansje van Halem, and written by Christopher Burke who documents Unger’s career in type design, but also examines his writing on the subject, which reflected a lifelong quest for the root of convention in reading and in type-forms.
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This books presents the work of Felix van Sambix (1553–1642), was one of the finest writing masters of the Dutch Republic. The book presents over 200 of his sheets in full size.
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This lavishly produced book presents Hansje van Halem’s array of commissioned, self-generated, rejected and unfinished sketches, type drawings, and experiments
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This book presents the chromatic exploration of the Kaba ornaments designed by Bram de Does at the Enschedé type foundry.
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A 1993 facsimile of the famous type specimen from 1768 by the Enschedé type foundry with a separate English-language book with descriptions.
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The first, and until now the only, book exploring in-depth Tibetan type and typography. This book presents research regarding the origin, development, and typographical function of letter types in Tibetan writing, from their beginnings in 1738 to the present.
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This small book documents the work of Cyrus Highsmith— his type design and well as his sketches and drawings at the occasion of Gerrit Noordzij Prize.
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Bram de Does has conducted extended research into the endless combinations of patterns, ornaments, and borders.
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This book contains two essays by the Dutch typographer and type designer Bram de Does on the development of his two typefaces Trinité and Lexicon.
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Gerrit Noordzij’s powerful and analytical text, illustrated with his own diagrams and examples, presents a genuine theory of writing.
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This is the first publication devoted to De Does’s life and work best known as a type and book designer, creator of typefaces Trinité and Lexicon.