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Irma Boom, Book Manifest

by Irma Boom

The third miniature book (the largest of the previous editions) presenting the full body of work of the world-renowned Dutch designer Irma Boom presenting her vision of book making process and a manifesto of the possibility of the book form. During her Prix de Rome residency, Boom conducted an in-depth research into the development of the book in the library of the Vatican creating a survey of the history of the book, discusseing the relationship between her work and older book forms. With this tiny, slipcased, 1,000-page, richly illustrated book, itself an exceptional feat of bookmaking, Boom aims to inspire and encourage a new generation of designers to experiment and develop new ways of conceiving this simplest and most enduringly effective of form of capturing information.
  • Author
    Irma Boom
  • Language
  • Size
    7 × 5.5 cm
  • Publisher
    Walther König
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