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Author Iva Janákova-Knobloch
Co-Author Steven Heller
Language English
Pages 390
Size 22 × 30 cm
Publisher Argo
Binding hard-cover
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Ladislav Sutnar (1897-1976), Czech-born graphic & exhibition designer, educator, and writer became one of the most innovating designers in Europe and the United States. He worked as an educator, designer and later as director of a publishing house in Prague before traveling to New York in 1939 as exhibition designer for the Czech Pavilion at the World's Fair. Due to the war he stayed in New York and then spent the rest of his life working and teaching there. As a major exponent of Czech Modernism and with a firm belief that design must be accessible he launched a career as a pioneer of what is now called information design and inadvertently became the progenitor of information architecture. This lavishly illustrated book presents the most coherent overview of Sutnar’s work to date and was produced in association with a major retrospect exhibition held in Prague. The book includes essays by Steven Heller and Paul Makovsky