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Author Deborah Littlejohn
Language English
Pages 160
Size 21,5 × 16,5 cm
ISBN 0-9729696-1-6
Binding sewn paperback
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Can a typeface express what is unique about a city?

Metro Letters documents the responses to this question, including transcripts from the jury selection process, interviews with all six typographers highlighting their working process and conceptual proposals, and commissioned essays by design critics and educators Gail Swanlund and Michael Worthington.

Design Institute director Janet Abrams and editor of the book Deborah Littlejohn present the work of all six invited typographers:
Peter Bilak, Typotheque, Netherlands
Erik van Blokland and Just van Rossum, LettError, The Netherlands
Gilles Gavillet and David Rust, Optimo, Lausanne, Switzerland
Sybille Hagmann, Kontour, Houston, Texas
Conor Mangat, Inflection, Kentfield, California
Eric Olson, Process Type Foundry, Minneapolis, Minnesota

The development of the selected font—Letterror’s infinitely-mutable Twin—is presented in depth. Their idea proposed a typeface and accompanying software program designed especially for this project, which enables the typeface to reflect dynamic changing conditions within the Twin Cities.