New Horizons

by Bruno van den Elshout

Dutch artist Bruno van den Elshout built a custom camera installation overlooking the North Sea and took a photo every hour, day and night over the course of a year. Of the 8,785 photographs taken, 300 appear in this book, carefully and rhythmically composed by designer Rob van Hoesel. This is one of the most remarkable books we know of, because of the beauty and tranquility of the photos, and also because of the remarkable binding that allows the reader to open the volume fully flat at any page and enjoy the full spread (see video). The book is printed on one-sided sheets in the Netherlands and bound in Switzerland by gluing the spreads together. In 2015, New Horizons was selected as one of the most beautiful books in the world at the prestigious Best Book Design from all over the World competition in Leipzig. The book itself contains no text and is delivered in a sturdy slipcover.
  • Author
    Bruno van den Elshout
  • Language
  • Size
    33 × 23 cm
  • Publisher
    Bruno van den Elshout
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