Open Manifesto No.3

by Kevin Finn

Australian graphic design magazine Open Manifesto provides thoughtful and thought provoking writing devoted to graphic design and wider subjects such as media, politics, culture, economics and social issues.

Issue 3 includes George Hardie on cultural exchange, Rami Elhanan on the Israeli/Palestinian issue and Zoe Barber on the ego in design.

With contributions by Kevin Finn, Andrew Ashton, Andrew Barnum, Mark Braddock, Andrew Breitenberg, Craig Bremner, Zoë Barber, Robert Cook, Paul Davis, Rami Elhanan, Bob Gill, George Hardie, Anthony Inciong, David Lancashire, Harmine Louwe, Quentin Newark, Simon Pemberton, Tim Ritchie, Brian Stapleton, Jason Tselentis, David Throsby, and Alex Tyers.

  • Author
    Kevin Finn
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    15,4 × 21,3 cm
  • Publisher
    Finn Creative
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