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Author Itemzero
Language English, Portuguese
Pages 148
Size 27 × 10,5 cm
Publisher Itemzero
ISBN 978-989-330088
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The Book Block is an industrial bookbinding technique manual, developed in partnership by Itemzero and Maiadouro, intended for graphic book production. Bringing together 17 of the most common industrial binding techniques in 6 categories, The Book Block explores each of these techniques in detail, describing them and showing what it is possible to do with each one in this day and age. Conceived from scratch to be bilingual, in Portuguese and English, the book seeks to systematize the nomenclature in the national graphic industry, something yet to be made, without ever ignoring today’s globalized market, where much of the work and learning is done online. Developed by experienced book designers and bookbinders, the aim of the book is to bring a common language to the entire production: from publisher to bookbinder, from author to designer, as well as to share the decades of experience and know-how of the authors.