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Author François Rappo
Co-Author Jürg Lehni
Language English, French
Pages 180
Size 23,5 × 17,5 cm
Publisher ÉCAL
ISBN 978-3-03764-072-2
Binding Softcover
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Publication of ECAL documenting the results of workshops in type design. In the workshop, besides using traditional tools, students were encouraged to create their own (programable) tools. Several programming scripts were developed and tested by the students, one of them, created by David Keshavjee and Julien Tavelli resulted in a text typeface that is featured in this book and displays the characteristics of the tool that generated it. The books presents some basic idea of automated type design, breaking down the design of letters to series of parameters.

Jürg Lehni interviewed Dimitri Bruni (Norm), Peter Bilak, and Erik Spiekermann; François Rappo wrote the introduction of the book. In his essay ʻNature of type design in the digital ageʼ, Jürg Lehni scrutinises the concept of understanding fonts as software and reflects of possibilities of fonts in digital environment. He pays particular attention to early parametric systems such as MetaFont.