Wim Crouwel: Typographic Architectures

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Author Catherine de Smet
Co-Author Emmanuel Bérard
Language English, French
Pages 104
Size 22 × 16,5 cm
Publisher Éditions B42
ISBN 978-2-916796-02-4
Binding sewn papeback
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Bilingual publication published on the occasion of ‘Wim Crouwel: Architectures Typographiques, 1956-1976’, an exhibition that took place in the beginning of 2007 at Galerie Anatome (Paris). Featuring texts by Wim Crouwel, Catherine de Smet and Emmanuel Bérard, illuminating the oeuvre of Wim Crouwel; visual identities, publications, posters, exhibitions, and his catalogue work for the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam. Designed by Experimental Jetset.

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A concise yet rich discussion of all the small things that enhance the legibility of texts. A guide to micro-typography considering all text situations.