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Joining Typotheque Club is free. You can opt out any time. See complete list of features and benefits below.

We consider it vital to build close relationships with our clients, and in doing so, we try to connect with you as directly as possible, without using third parties or distributors.

Becoming a Typotheque Club member means more than just getting discounts (but you’ll get those too) – to us, it’s a social exchange as much as an economic one, whereby both parties are helping to build a supportive community, with real exchange and collaboration. For example, you get both access to our work in progress, and the opportunity to provide feedback to help us improve it further.

In addition, whenever you pay for any of our fonts, you’ll also be supporting our research work on the marginalised languages, contributing to communities across the world, and helping to make it richer and more diverse.

Of course, we also want to say thank you in more tangible ways, and so each time you buy a font, you’ll get something back.

Get Started

Joining Typotheque Club is free. You can opt out any time. See complete list of features and benefits below.

Standard Typotheque Account

  • Permanent archive of your fonts

  • Download and upgrade your fonts at any time

  • Free fonts customisation¹

  • Request a free test license of full retail fonts

  • Track your product orders

  • Try Web Fonts Service for free

Typotheque Club Benefits

  • Get access to our prerelease fonts and license them with a 50% discount

  • Directly download a free test license of full retail fonts²

  • Earn points to redeem against future purchases

  • Receive free printed specimens

  • Connect with Typotheque designers for private presentation of each new typeface release

  • Introductory pricing for new font releases

Earn Points³

  • Become a member

  • Sign up to our mailing list

  • Share a project with our fonts used

  • Refer a friend⁴

  • Buy a font
    (Each €10 spent)

Get Rewards

  • 30 points:
    Free printed specimen

  • 40 points:
    Download full fonts for testing

  • 50 points

  • 100 points

  • 250 points

  • Alternatively, you can donate your points towards designing fonts for underrepresented writing scripts. When we reach the goal, we will start the project, and keep you updated about the results.

  1. For the eligible fonts.
  2. After reaching 40 points, you can always download up to 10 full fonts for test purposes.
  3. The points are valid for 2 years after the latest transaction.
  4. Points are awarded after your friend has registered and made a purchase.