Design Concept

Amalia is a text typeface based on the pointed pen, with a moderate contrast typical of modern typefaces such as Bodoni and Didot. Its wedge serifs and graceful proportions make it especially suitable for setting text at small sizes. Formally, Amalia is rooted in the tradition of Dutch classical typography without following any one historical precedent, and it features an italic that is rhythmic and confidently exuberant.

pointed pen excercise

Type Family

Amalia has four weights each with true italics and small caps, making it an excellent choice for long reading text setting.

amelia styles


All weights of Amalia include ten different kinds of numerals. Proportional Old-style figures come as default figures in Amalia. It also, however, includes Lining figures, Tabular numerals (both lining and OsF), Small Caps numerals, superior, inferior, circled and circled inverted numerals (selectable via OpenType features).

amelia numerals

OpenType features

Like all Typotheque fonts, Amalia includes Small Caps in all the text styles. Additionally, Amalia includes also alternative versions of some basic characters accessible as Stylistic Sets. For more information please see the PDF instructions, or the Features section.

amelia small caps


Amalia typeface family was published on OurType in 2006, designed by Nikola Djurek. Amalia was chosen as Our Favorite Typefaces of 2006 by the on-line journal Typographica. In 2018, it was remastered and republished on Typotheque.

Single font 72.00 EUR
Complete 8 fonts 288.00 EUR

36.00 EUR/font