Design Concept

Audree is a customisable parametric type system offering hundreds of font styles. A generous selection of construction models (15 different serif shapes, two construction principles and two types of typographic contrast, plus stencil and inline versions) lets you see how each variable subtly affects the shapes of the words. Audree’s creative potential and variable combinations make it a perfect fit for display purposes such as magazine headlines, logotypes or expressive visual identity systems.

Audree Overview

Make it your own!

There are 240 individual font styles to suit all tastes. Looking for something classic? Try E13 (Serif Style 5, Trans­lation, High Contrast, Normal Style). Need something inspired by architectural lettering? You could use L6 (Serif Style 12, Expansion, High Contrast, Stencil). Starting up a metal band and want to have some edgy serifs in your new logo? We suggest K2 (Serif Style 8, Expansion, Low Contrast, Stencil).

Audree Serifs

Audree Type Specimen

See how Audree performs in high resolution offset printed type specimen available online, for a symbolic fee of €4.

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OpenType features

Unlike other Typotheque fonts, Audree comes with a reduced character set with just over 500 glyphs per style. No Small Caps, and just basic ligatures.


All weights of Audree include four different kinds of numerals. Proportional Lining figures come as default figures in Audree, complemented with Proportional Old-style numerals, and two styles of Tabular figures selectable with OpenType features.

Audree numerals


Audree typeface family was published in 2013, designed by Nikola Djurek and Marko Hrastovec. Audree was selected as of one the Best Typefaces of 2012 by Typographica.