Body Type

Design concept

Peter Biľak put his years of experience working on modern dance concepts to use, transforming letters into dance moves with his Dance Writer.

Body Type goes a step further and turns human bodies into a functional type system. While there are plenty of precedents throughtout the history of art and typography from Peter Flötner’s Anthropomorphic alphabet (1540) to Anthon Beeke's Nude alphabet (1970), Body Type is unique in the way it uses typographical principles to create a type family with different styles.

Body Type comes as a set of 26 hi-res photos or as a Photofont file (usable in Adobe applications), and includes two styles, Regular and Bold, for a greater range of expression. While Body Type is obviously a display font for very large point sizes, it works surprisingly well in small text too. And as expected, Body Type gives plenty of personality to your message.

Peter Flötner: Anthropomorphic alphabet

Peter Flötner, Anthropomorphic alphabet, around 1540

Anthon Beeke, Nude alphabet

Anthon Beeke, Nude alphabet, 1970

iPhone / iPad app

In addition to the static images of the Body Type, this project comes also with a separate iPhone / iPad app called Dance Writer. Dance Writer converts text to simple dance moves performed by the same dancer as Body Type Regular. You can create your own choreography by typing a message, share it with your friends, and send them your animated emails.
Dance Writer is available on App Store▸

Dance Writer App


Traditional outline fonts (OpenType, TrueType) can only use black and white letterforms. Photofonts are bitmap fonts using full colour palettes and an alpha layer, so they can have transparent backgrounds. Just like other fonts, they are kerned, spaced and Unicode compliant. Photofonts can be used in print and also on web pages. 

Photofont® technology requires special plugins, which are freely available for the Adobe CS applications.
More about Photofonts▸

Photofont technology

Limited character set

Body Type includes all 26 letters of the Latin alphabet, but no numbers, punctuation, diacritics or special characters. The human body is simply not very good at making those.

Body Type character set


Body Type was created by Peter Biľak in 2011.  Thanks to the models Valentina Scaglia and Lisa van Bommel.

Single font 72.00 EUR
Complete 2 fonts 96.00 EUR

48.00 EUR/font