Design concept

Designer of Brioni, Nikola Djurek, has an ongoing interest in well-crafted, legible types. Brioni is a contemporary low-contrast typeface intended for body texts; conventional classification would describe it as being pitched between slab-serif and robust-serif types.


Brioni developed spontaneously from practice with a broad-nib pen, but the result is a hybrid of calligraphic influences and subtle manipulation of the stroke terminals that brings Brioni Text close to sans serif models. The concept was later translated to a higher contrast version which is a more conventional text typeface. The result is a highly functional typeface family that is easy to work with and inviting to read.


Brioni comes in two packages: Brioni Text is a sturdy slab serif for text of all sizes, but especially suitable for fine print. Its proportions and colours make it suitable for any running text, even in difficult conditions such as newspaper printing. The second version is called simply Brioni and has a higher contrast between the thick and thin strokes. It is an elegant typeface suitable for setting books and magazines. Both packages come in four weights, each with italic, small caps and small caps italic versions.

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Various tools and drawing methods applied on the same letter skeleton. The tool has a significant effect on the resulting typeface.

Broad nib pen sketch compared to manipulated broad nib (filled in with the edge of the pen).

Single font 72.00 EUR
Bundle 12 fonts 384.00 EUR

32.00 EUR/font
Complete 24 fonts 576.00 EUR

24.00 EUR/font