Delvard Gradient

Design Concept


Inspired by Art Nouveau, Delvard Geadient is a wider Sans serif for display purposes with innovative OpenType features that allow setting gradient words.


Delvard Gradient typeface family was published in 2011, designed by Nikola Djurek. In 2011 Nikola Djurek recieved the International Association of Art Critics Award for this typeface family. OpenType substitution feature that control the gradient effect was written by Karsten Luecke.


Regardless of character count, the Inside, Left, Outside, and Right fonts will automatically adjust character weights to render an inward, leftward, outward, or rightward moving word gradient as you type. Need more than one word gradient? Just press the spacebar to automatically begin another. Need to go from right to left? Just highlight the word and switch to the Left font. It’s that easy. Whether for posters, identities, film titles, billboards, shopfronts, or anything in between, exceptional endeavors require exceptional fonts. Delvard Gradient answers that call.

DelvardGradient Styles