Delvard Serif Text

Design Concept

Delvard Serif is not modelled on a single historical source, but takes loose inspiration from the late nineteenth-century art nouveau posters and its adventurous lettering. Delvard Serif has an high x-height, and distinctive design features such as flat curves with abrupt terminals and deep cuts of the ‘g’ and the ‘f’ that give the text spark.

delvard serif outline

Optical Sizes

The Text version is generous in width, with vertical and horizontal proportions of the types made for the micro sizes (4–6pt), and thanks to its robustness and spaciousness, it is highly legible in small text. The Subhead styles have regular proportions for small to medium text sizes (8-14pt), and increase the contrast slightly. And finally, there is the crisp and eye-catching Display styles, with narrow widths and pronounced, eccentric detailing for high-impact headlines of about 14pt.

delvard serif optical sizes

Related Styles

Besides the three Serif styles of Delvard, Delvard type family comes also in a low-contrast text version (Delvard), a narrower Delvard Condensed, a very heavy and very thin Delvard Display, with optically adjusted styles, and finally Delvard Gradient, with innovative OpenType features that allow setting gradient words. Combined, they offer complete typographic palette for editorial designers, and expressive graphics.

delvard related styles

OpenType Features

Like all Typotheque fonts, Delvard Serif includes Small Caps in all styles. Included are some stylistic alternates and nine different kinds of numerals. Old-style figures come as default figures in Delvard Serif. It also, however, includes Lining figures, Tabular numerals (both lining and OsF), Small Caps numerals, superior, inferior, circled and circled inverted numerals.

delvard serif numerals


Delvard Serif was designed by Nikola Djurek, and published in 2022. The Sans version of Delvard dates to 2010, designed by Nikola Djurek. In 2011, Nikola Djurek received the International Association of Art Critics Award for his font families Marlene, Delvard, Plan Grotesque.