Design concept

Echo, a sans serif counterpart to Charlie typeface, designed by Ross Milne. Echo is clear and direct, with subtle influences from the broad nib pen. The two typefaces developed more-or-less simultaneously, learning from the other.
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Charlie corrections

International Typography

Typotheque OpenType Pro fonts support all European languages, covering Latin-based (Western, Central and Eastern European, Baltic, Turkish, Vietnamese), Cyrillic-based, and Greek-based languages. Such large multilingual fonts are sometimes referred to as Pan-European or WGL4 fonts.

Cyrillic & Greek


All weights of Echo include nine different kinds of numerals. Default numerals are proportional Lining numerals. The typeface includes: ranging, or OsF (Old-style proportional Figures) for use in running text. Lining figures for use with capitals letters, because their proportions match the height of caps. Tabular (both Lining and OsF), Superior and Inferior figures, Small caps figures, and finally Circled and Circled inverted figures.

Echo numerals


Echo contains a series of arrow sets and symbols relevant for exhibition settings as well as a series for broader use.

Echo font family symbols


Echo was designed by Ross Milne, and published in 2015. The Cyrillic version was adapted from Charlie, designed by Gayaneh Bagdasaryan and Greek by Natasha Raissaki.

Single font 72.00 EUR
Complete 10 fonts 384.00 EUR

38.40 EUR/font