Element parameters

In addition to the main parameters (style, height, weight and width), the size and shape of the individual elements in Elementar fonts can also be controlled. Element variations are created on request to users’ specifications.

Element size and spacing

The size and space of elements can be controlled by two absolute parameters, ‘element size’ and ‘element space’. Each of these parameters is expressed by a two digit number which corresponds to the actual size/space in pixels.

Element scale

Alternatively, the size of the elements can also be controlled proportionally to the area of the element, using a percentage instead of pixels. This mode breaks the reference to the pixel grid and produces fonts more suitable for high-res devices.


Element shapes

Element shapes can be further modified with independent vertical and horizontal scaling parameters.

Basic geometric elements can make use of an additional parameter to control the roundness of the shapes.

Finally, any arbitrary outline shape can be used as an element. Elements can also be combined randomly or in patterns to produce playful visual display effects.