Fedra Sans Bengali

Design concept

After designing a Devanagari companion of Fedra Sans in 2007, Typotheque has worked with ITF to cover other Indian writing scripts, to extend the language coverage of Fedra Sans. Fedra Sans Bangla is a Bengali (অঙ্কুর) version of Fedra Sans. Originally developed for visual identities, it works well on paper and computer screen. The Indic script Bengali is the 6th most widely used writing system in the world, with with around 210 million native speakers.

Fedra Sans Bangla fonts

International Typography

Fedra Sans is Typotheque’s most extensive font. Besides the Bengali, the font family supports also Arabic, Armenian, Cyrillic, Devanagari, Greek, Hebrew, Inuktitut, Tamil writing scripts, supporting over 2 billion native speakers.

fedra sans 10 scripts


All weights of Fedra Sans Bengali include three different kinds of numerals. Default numerals are proportional lining figures. Special Bengali numerals are included, as well as two different sets of Hindu-Arabic numerals. The thinner version is intended for the combinations with the Indic scripts, and thicker stroke version for combining numbers with the Latin based languages.

Bengali numerals


Fedra Sans was designed by Peter Bilak in 2001. This Bengali version was published in 2016, designed by Jyotish Sonowal at the ITF, supervised by Satya Rajpurohit.