Fedra Sans Condensed


All weights of Fedra Sans Condensed include eight different kinds of numerals. Default numerals are ranging, or OsF (Old-style proportional Figures) for use in running text. Proportions of text figures are similar to ascenders and descenders of lower case characters. Lining figures for use with capitals letters, because their proportions match the height of caps.

Tabular figures, for use in tables where numerals need to be aligned vertically. They also include adequate monetary and mathematical symbols and are available in Old-style and Lining version. Tabular numerals have identical width in all weights from Light to Bold.

Special circled numerals useful for creating clear hierarchy of information or for highlighting.

And finally superior and subscript figures are included as OpenType feature for use in fractions, footnotes, etc.

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Old-style numbers for lower case, Lining numbers for caps.

Lining tabular numbers on top, and Old-style tabular numbers at the bottom of the sample, combined with Small capitals.