Fedra Sans Display 1

Design concept

Fedra Sans Display 1 is a collection of six very thin, nearly monolinear fonts ideally suited for headline settings where space is limited, and a strong, contemporary appearance is desired.
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Fedra Sans Display comes with proportional lining figures as default numbers. Subscript and superscript numerals are also available.

OpenType features

Fedra Sans Display includes a wealth of advanced OpenType layout features. Read the PDF instructions, or try the OpenType feature section.


Fedra Sans Display 1 is available in two weights (Hairline and Thin) and three widths (Compressed, Condensed and Regular). No italics and no small caps are part of the package.


Fedra Sans Display contains also a set of ligatures designed for the use in larger sizes. Each version includes hundreds of discretionary ligatures which are accessible as OpenType ligatures.


Fedra Sans Display was designed in 2005 by Peter Biľak and Pieter van Rosmalen.