Fedra Serif B

Design concept

Instead of seeking inspiration in the past, Fedra Serif is a synthetic typeface where aesthetic and technological decisions are linked. Fedra combines seemingly contradictory ways of constructing characters into one harmonious font. Its humanistic roots (the rhythm of the handwriting) is balanced with rational drawing (a coarse computer-screen grid).

The font also comes in two different versions with different lengths of the ascenders and descenders (stem lengths). Version A matches the proportions of Fedra Sans, with a large x-height and short stem length, which make it work well in small sizes and in low-resolution print. Version B prolongs the stem lengths up to 12%, and increases the contrast between the thick and thin parts. Both versions have the same letter widths and kerning pairs, so they can be interchanged in a body of text without reflowing the text. Also available is a Cyrillic, Greek polytonic, and Phonetic versions. All these fonts (except Phonetic) are built into our Fedra Serif Pro OpenType font. Combined, these variants result in a typeface suitable even for most complex typographic situations.

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Two stem heights. Fedra Serif has two versions: A with short ascenders and descenders (stems) and low contrast, and B with longer stems and more contrast.

Some of Fedra’s characteristics are: a diamond shaped point above the letter i, open counters (P, b, 9, 6), curved terminating and sharp angled connections for connecting strokes.