Fedra Serif Display

Design concept

Fedra Serif Display has been designed to complement text versions of Fedra. It has been specifically made to suit the needs of editorial design – the conditions of newspaper print, catalogues in which strong, compact headlines are important.
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Fedra Serif Display comes with proportional lining figures as default numbers. Small Caps numerals matching the proportions of small capitals are part of the font. Superscript and subscript numerals are also available.

OpenType features

Fedra Serif Display includes a wealth of advanced OpenType layout features. Read the PDF instructions, or try the OpenType features.

Ornaments & Borders

Fedra Serif Display includes dozens of ornaments and border elements which can improve averall look of typesetting.

fedra serif display ornaments


The font includes over 300 ligatures, some of which are employed to eliminate some particular collisions in text setting, for example fi, fl, ffi, fk, fh, etc. Other ligatures, however, simply lend uniqueness to text setting. With the help of the powerful contextual substitution offered by OpenType technology, using these ligatures is easier than ever before.

Fedra Serif Display includes a series of discretionary ligatures


Fedra Serif Display was designed in 2007 by Peter Biľak and Nikola Djurek.