Francis Gradient

Design Concept

Francis Gradient is a capital-only Sans-serif typeface with with high contrast of thick and thin strokes, ideal for creating strong headlines. Francis draws its inspiration from an early 20th century lettering style often seen in European advertising, but also from the rational geometry that lends a rhythm to the typeface in text. Frances is suited for many large-text uses spanning editorial design, posters, corporate design and advertising. One word of warning: Francis is seriously playful and addictive, so don’t work with it unless you have plenty of time for your project!

Francis Gradients

Text Styles

Francis comes with a version with lower-case letters intended for the largest text sizes. Francis comes in five weights and as the typeface gains weight, it also gains legibility at smaller sizes. From light to black, Francis goes from extremely compressed to a more airy design, keeping the highly modulated contrast of its thick and thin strokes.

francis all styles3

Gradient Style

Francis’ real tour de force, however is its collection of four Gradient styles, capital-only display versions that produce dynamically increasing or decreasing character widths. These remarkable text patterns are possible because each Gradient style contains 2,690 glyphs that are selected automatically using OpenType’s Contextual Alternates feature.


OpenType features

The gradient patterns can be applied to individual words, or to whole lines of text, feature which is controlled by the Stylistic Set 1.

francis gradient features


Designed by Nikola Djurek and released in 2016. OpenType feature that control the gradient effect was written by Karsten Luecke.

Single font 48.00 EUR
Complete 4 fonts 96.00 EUR

24.00 EUR/font
Suite 14 fonts 384.00 EUR

27.43 EUR/font