Greta Display Narrow

Design concept

Greta family also includes Greta Display Narrow headline cuts. These four space-saving weights were designed with increased contrast, tighter spacing and more refined details and are ideally suited for headline typography and nameplates. While the text fonts are typical workhorse typefaces, the Display fonts are elegant, compact and strong at large sizes, ideal for effective headlines. With its combination of text and display fonts, Greta offers a complete palette of typographic choices.

Greta sketch


All weights of Greta Display Narrow include nine different kinds of numerals. Default numerals are proportional lining figures. The typeface includes also: Old-style Figures for the use in running text, Small caps figures, Tabular (both Lining and OsF), Superior and Inferior figures, and finally Circled and Circled inverted are available in our OpenType fonts.
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Greta Display Narrow numerals

International Typography

Typotheque OpenType Pro fonts support all European languages, covering Latin-based (Western, Central and Eastern European, Baltic, Turkish), Cyrillic-based, Greek-based languages and Vietnamese.

Greta Display Narrow / Latin, Greek, Cyrillic

OpenType features

Greta Display Narrow includes a wealth of advanced OpenType layout features. Read the PDF instructions, or try the OpenType features.


Greta Display Narrow is available in four weights (Light, Regular, Medium and Bold) each with its Italic, and Small Caps. Small Caps Italics are also available. While Italics are separate font files, Small Caps can only be activated as OpenType feature.

Greta Display Narrow  styles


Typotheque conducted a rigorous analysis of newspaper and magazine needs in order to compile a library of the shapes which are most useful in periodical publications. Greta family includes an extended set of monetary symbols for financial information; two different sets of zodiac signs for horoscopes; basic geometric shapes, arrows, map markers and pointing hand symbols for infographics; weather symbols for weather forecasts; and chess figurines for chess transcripts. Greta also includes playing card symbols, stars, asterisks, punctuation ornaments, dingbats, and other miscellaneous symbols.

Greta family includes a collection of useful symbols.


Greta Display was designed in 2007 by Peter Biľak and Nikola Djurek. In 2008 the OpenType Pro version was released with Cyrillic designed by Alexei Kassian & Gayaneh Bagdasaryan.