Greta Symbol

Design concept

Greta Symbol is a unique collection of thousands of useful symbols and alphanumerical characters, available as icon fonts. Typotheque has done extensive research into the symbols commonly used in newspapers, magazines and online publications, assembling a collection that covers over 1,200 symbols per style. Most of the symbols come in a range of 10 weights, an unprecedented example of applying typeface family conventions to a symbol font.

This comprehensive family of fonts include arrows, pictograms, alphanumeric symbols, weather symbols, chess figurines, geometrical shapes, zodiac signs in various styles and many other surprising symbols.


As most Typotheque fonts come in a range of styles, this symbols font also comes in 10 different weights, giving you the flexibility to choose the right typographic colour for any situation imaginable.

OpenType features

Use the power of OpenType substitutions when accessing Greta Symbol glyphs. The automatic substitutions are intuitive — type (A) for an A enclosed in a circle, [A] for an A in a square, <A> for an A in a diamond, Double the brackets or parenthesis for the filled form of circle or square. Or type the plain text ‘plane’, ‘laptop’ or ‘cocktail’ to get the appropriate picture. Enjoy exploring the substitutions yourself, or use this chart.

Watch the instructional video for Greta Symbol.


Greta Symbol was published in 2012, designed by Peter Biľak.