Greta Text Hebrew

Design concept

Greta Text is a contemporary typeface family specifically designed for the demands of newspaper printing; it consists of four primary text weights (each in three grades) and is optimized for use at small sizes. Since the typeface was created to function in the extreme conditions of newspaper production, it is also ideal for other modern typographic situations such as print and electronic editions of magazines or books.

greta text hebrew proportions

Small Caps & Numerals

Just like all Typotheque fonts, this one also contains Small Caps. Numerals also appear frequently in newspaper articles and they are proportioned so that they function as an integral part of the body of text, smaller than the Latin Caps, but higher than the Hebrew letters. Additionally, Greta Text Hebrew contains also Small Caps figures.

greta text SC

International Typography

Typotheque OpenType Pro fonts support all European languages, covering Latin-based (Western, Central and Eastern European, Baltic, Turkish), Cyrillic-based, Greek-based languages and Vietnamese. Separately, we offer Arabic version via our sister company

greta text languages LCGAH

Styles & Grades

Greta Text comes in four weights, each accompanied with three grades, which are basically three versions of each weight differing slightly in heaviness, allowing the designer to choose the right ‘colour’ of the text. Within each weight, however, the grades have the same widths.

greta text hebrew grades

Secondary Style

Traditionally, Hebrew printed typography doesn't have a notion of “Italic”, a concept linked with the evolution of the Latin alphabet. Hebrew, however, when written by hand used cursive forms taught at schools simultaneously from when children start to read, the informal style hasn’t integrated into printed typography. Greta Text Hebrew contains a unique cursive styles that allow emphasising key points in a printed text, or when quoting a text, giving Hebrew designers the same possibilities as Western typographers have.More about the Hebrew secondary styles▸

greta text cursive


Greta Text was designed in 2007 by Peter Biľak. Greta Text received Type Directors Club Certificate of Excellence in Type Design, in 2007. The Hebrew version was released in 2017, designed by Michal Sahar. In 2017, Greta Text Hebrew, received an award at the Granshan non-Latin type competition. And finally, in 2018, Greta Text Hebrew received the ype Directors Club Certificate of Excellence in Type Design again for its Hebrew localisation.