Design concept

Based on a skeleton of Roman inscriptional capitals, History includes 21 layers inspired by the evolution of typography. These 21 independent typefaces share widths and other metric information so that they can be recombined. Thus History has the potential to generate thousands of different unique styles. History is available as a collection of 21 OpenType fonts that can be used just as any other fonts. More about design concept ▸

history layers2

International Typography

History is available in Standard and Pro encodings. Typotheque OpenType Pro fonts support all European languages, covering Latin-based (Western, Central and Eastern European, Baltic, Turkish), Cyrillic-based, and Greek-based languages. Typotheque OpenType Std fonts support 86 Latin-based languages (English, French, German, Polish, Czech, etc).

Typotheque OpenType Pro languages

History of History

Two years after releasing History, Peter Biľak reflects on the process of creating this skeletal system where different styles are imposed on a Roman capitals base. Previous experiments are mentioned as well as inspiration sources for the typeface presented.
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history sketch


Conceived and designed by Peter Biľak, published in 2008. With help of Eike Dingler, Ján Filípek, Ondrej Jób and Ashfaq Niazi. In 2013, Ilya Ruderman designed the Cyrillic and Greek version.

Single font 48.00 EUR
Complete 21 fonts 192.00 EUR

9.14 EUR/font