Timing The Line | catalogue A monograph will be launched at the exhibition, documenting and analysing the artist’s work in the context of international contemporary studio glass and drawing. The book was written by the Czech curator of the exhibition, internationally recognised Sylva Petrová, emeritus professor at the University of Sunderland in Great Britain. The photographs were taken by Jana Hojstričová, an art photographer and Vice-Chancellor of the Academy of Fine Arts in Bratislava. The graphic design was done by the graphic designer and artist Julo Nagy from Calder design community studio. The show is included in the international exhibition Sculpture and Object XXI. 2017. Title: Palo Macho: Timing The Line / Časovanie čiary Author of text: Sylva Petrová Author of photos: Jana Hojstričová Language: slovak, english Cover: Hardcore Pages: 122 Size: 284 x 240 mm EAN: 978-80-89784-07-03 Published by: Galeria Nedbalka Year: 2017
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14 PALO MACHO 3F3A6396
17 PALO MACHO 3F3A6399
20 PALO MACHO 3F3A6402

Photos © Julo Nagy