Endor Technologies

Endor Technologies is a biotechnology company that conduct medical research in the areas of oncology and dermatology with a collection of dermocosmetic products. In accordance with their new market strategy, they commissioned us to adapt their brand, their packaging design and an e-commerce website that will help them to be perceived as a dermatological product aimed at the international market. The main objective was to enhance the technology behind the products of Endor, and thus distance them from the concept of beauty with which many cosmetic brands and products are linked. The solution was to approach the graphic language of the pharmaceutical products, arranging a three-line grid that is born in the brand and creates a continuous path that wrap the format on which it is applied. We chose November Std, a more human and delicate industrial typeface. Technical drawings were used to reinforce the technological product message. Finally, we selected an aseptic color range based on gray tones in order to differentiate the product families.
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