Title Human First Gala 2018
Author sparc http://www.sparcinc.com
Country United States of America
Year 2018
Category Invitations
Language English
Fonts Woodkit Solid Woodkit Print
When Sparc Design was asked to design the Human First Gala 2018 invitation for their client Center on Halsted for the 11th consecutive year, they were challenged to convey the theme of Community. The creative director Richard Cassis explained the typographic choices:  ‘Given that Center on Halsted in Chicago is one of the largest and leading LGBTQ centers in America and represents such a diverse and vibrant constituency, we immediately chose Typotheque’s equally diverse and masterfully designed Woodkit font family to mirror our audience. Sophisticated yet eccentric, Woodkit Solid and Ornaments worked well within our design and rose to the occasion’.