Title Designing Printed Books in the 16th Century in Poland in the Context of European Design
Author Urszula GireĊ„ https://www.renesansowaksiazka.com/
Country Poland
Year 2019
Category Books
Fonts Tempera Tempera Biblio
The subject of this doctoral thesis in the field of editorial design was the preparation of a text about the design of books in the 16th century in Poland and the graphic design of the publication. The resulting book has a general and popularizing nature. The aim of the project was to provide the collected and structured material showing the formation of the Polish Renaissance book to people interested in the history of books, as well as experienced and beginner graphic designers. The graphic concept of this project is based on the division of text into 2 parts, each with respectively 5 chapters assigned. Book structure is extended and multi-layered, it required typefaces crafted to work together in close harmony. It was needed visual cohesion.