Irma Screen

Design concept

Irma Screen is designed to work equally well on paper and the computer screen. It is available in TrueType format only and has been specially optimised for exceptional readability on laptops, desktops, mobile devices and other digital displays. Read more about font hinting

Irma Screen on Windows XP

Irma Screen in 10pt rendered on Windows XP without ClearType (default XP settings)

Screen Optimised

This small family of two weights combines art, craft and engineering to achieve crystal-clear results using a sophisticated system of hinting instructions (adjustments that modify the fonts at screen resolutions for maximum legibility). Irma Screen has been hinted both for the ClearType and Grey-Scale rasterisers, ensuring that the fonts work well on both LCD and CRT monitors.

Unhinted (above) and hinted font (below) rendering at 8 ppem, magnified to 200%

Unhinted (above) and hinted font (below) rendering at 8 ppem, magnified to 200%

Hinting Type

Irma Screen has been hinted in both directions (Horizontal & Vertical) for the Grey-scale and ClearType rendering.
Grey-Scale hinting  ClearType hinting

Styles & Numerals

Fedra Sans Screen comes in two weights, each accompanied by true Italics. The font weights are style linked, so clicking B in Microsoft Word switches to Fedra Sans Screen Bold, while clicking on I changed the fonts to true Italic. Because the fonts were optimised for office environment, they do not contain OpenType features that are standard for other Typotheque fonts.

Fedra Sans Screen includes Tabular numerals, so the figures line up vertically when set in tables. Tabular numerals are those where each numeral has the same character width.

Irma Screen tabular numerals

Irma Screen comes with tabular numerals, ideal for setting tables where numbers need to be aligned vertically. The width of all numerals, in both fonts, are the same.

Great for Websites

Irma Screen looks great in any browser, any operating system, even older versions of Windows. Check it out yourself in Typotheque Webfont specimen.


Irma Screen was designed in 2011 by Peter Biľak, and in 2012, Ivo Biľak has meticulously hand-hinted the fonts.