Design concept

Jigsaw is a geometrical sans serif font family with a nearly monolinear stroke width. In its development, the primary skeletal letterforms provided a foundation for subsequently-derived stencil versions, which were later expanded into four weights.

Jigsaw has been successfully used in print as well as in larger architectural applications. At larger sizes the letter ‘g’ is particularly distinctive. As a text font, Jigsaw has a harmonious, balanced appearance.

Jigsaw was later expanded by a cursive script, inspired by the humanistic handwriting. This is an expressive typeface used for emphasis. In 2006, after a commission by Studio Dumbar, Typotheque designed another version of Italics, this time more sober typeface that looks for inspiration at early 20th century Sans-serif typefaces. Both versions of part of the Jigsaw package today.

Bienale Brno

In 2004, Jigsaw won the first prize in the type design category at the XXI Biennale of Graphic Design Brno.

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Jigsaw was first drawn on translucent paper, before being digitised in Fontographer.

Two different fonts for emphasis are part of the Jigsaw package: Jigsaw Italic (in black) and Jigsaw Cursive (grey).