Jigsaw Stencil

Design concept

Jigsaw Stencil is a geometrical sans serif font family with a nearly monolinear stroke width. The strokes of skeletal letterforms of Jigsaw (non-stencil) were naturally converted to Stencil versions.
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All weights of Jigsaw include six different kinds of numerals. Default numerals are ranging, or OsF (Old-style proportional Figures) for use in running text. Proportions of text figures are similar to ascenders and descenders of lower case characters. Lining figures for use with capitals letters, because their proportions match the height of caps. Tabular (both Lining and OsF), superior and inferior figures are included in OpenType fonts.
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Jigsaw comes in four weights, each accompanied by two different Italics. No small capitals. Same styles are available in the non-Stencil font.

jigsaw stencil styles

Two Italics

Jigsaw is equipped by two different fonts for emphasis. Jigsaw Cursive is inspired by humanistic handwriting, while Jigsaw Italic is a more sober version influenced by early 20th century Sans-serif typefaces.

jigsaw stencil italics

OpenType features

Jigsaw includes some advanced OpenType layout features. Read the PDF instructions, or try the OpenType features.


Jigsaw was designed in 1999 by Johanna Biľak. In 2004, the typeface has been awarded main prize at the 21nd International Biennale of Graphic Design Brno.

Bienale Brno