High-legibility and accessible fonts

Typotheque offers a selection of fonts that are designed for optimal readability, accessibility and usability and which are exceptionally legible in very small sizes as well as for distance reading.

These fonts are the result of our designers’ decades-long experience, and they benefit from research-based methods and real user testing, which have identified the proportions that make reading easier for texts containing critical information and for readers with impaired vision. Such Typotheque fonts have been used in car navigation, airport signage, underground wayfinding and dictionaries. We also recognise the importance of emotional accessibility – in other words, if the type is visually appealing, reading will be a positive and rewarding experience. Fonts designed for superior legibility typically have the following features:

  • Unambiguous forms

    Unique and easily distinguishable forms for better differentiation of letter shapes.

  • Open forms and counters

    Open shapes prevent confusion, allowing a reader to accurately decipher text at a glance.

  • Generous spacing

    Characters needs sufficient white space around them to prevent character crowding.

  • Ample x-height

    Fonts with high x-heights appear larger and easier to read in shorter text.