Design Concept

Manu is a sophisticated, modern handwriting font based on the fluid, casual writing of its author. It comes with the OpenType features that the most demanding users are accustomed to finding in serious text typefaces. Manu comes in three styles, Formal, Informal and Emphasis.

all styles

Manu Formal is based on slow, careful writing that humanises printed type. Manu Informal is fast, cursive, uninterrupted writing with the rhythm of handwriting. Both Formal and Informal styles are written with the same pen (Muji Pen 0.7 mm) at small (18pt) text sizes. Emphasis is a semi-fast, all-caps typeface written with a heavier felt-tipped pen. All three styles can be combined and recombined, giving plenty of space for expression, personality and typographic hierarchy.

manu pens


Manu comes with a handy set of symbols, icons and emoticons, plus advanced typographic OpenType features. They are written with a 0.7 mm pen.

manu symbols


Ka-boom! These sound effects are written with a heavier felt-tipped pen covering all kinds of onomatopoetic sounds useful for anything from the sound of a desperate comic-book fight to the sound of a soft drink can being opened.

Sound symbolism

Smart Font

Manu is designed as carefully as any of our text fonts, with the same attention to detail, and with the same (or perhaps even more complex) OpenType substitution features. To simulate the natural flow of handwriting, contextual alternates automatically select the right form of the preceding letter to make seamless connections (or disconnections) between letters.

seamless connections

International Typography

As it is standard for Typotheque fonts, Manu supports over 200 languages, offering nuanced voices for various situations. Manu’s fonts contain over 2,400 glyphs apiece, supporting all European Latin-based languages as well as Vietnamese, Cyrillic and Greek (including Greek polytonic). A separate Hebrew version is also available.



Designed by Peter Bilak based on his own handwriting. Nikola Djurek helped with the production, Maria Doreuli and Ilya Ruderman consulted on the Cyrillic, and Gerry Leonidas and Irene Vlachou provided invaluable tips for the Greek.

Single font 72.00 EUR
Complete 4 fonts 120.00 EUR

30.00 EUR/font